News of All Sizes

In medias PHIL

Here’s the latest collection of news and events that’s come my way:

  • There’s a memorial workshop in honor of Marilyn Adams next month at Rutgers University (February 16-17, 2018).
  • Brian Leftow, currently the Nolloth Professor of the Philosophy of the Christian Religion at Oxford University, has accepted the Alston Chair for the Philosophy of Religion at Rutgers University.
  • LMU Munich is advertising a W2 Professorship in Renaissance philosophy. The application deadline is March 8, 2018. (For North American readers wondering what a W2 professorship is, Peter Adamson (who’s involved in the search) tells me that “the closest analogy would be Associate Professor.” The most senior positions are W3, but a W2 requires a “a strong track record of research already.” If you’re waiting for a W1 to appear, don’t. There apparently is no such thing!)
  • Charles University (Prague) is advertising a three-year lectureship in medieval philosophy. Application deadline…

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