Collecting Syllabi!

In medias PHIL

Before going on my customary summer hiatus, let me make a final request to all of you.  I’ve been thinking about a survey of medieval philosophy that I’m teaching in the fall, and thinking about the canon in medieval philosophy. I’d like to investigate these matters by collecting syllabi from survey classes of medieval philosophy. If you have any such syllabi, I’d be grateful if you’d send them to my collaborator in this project, Mark Boespflug. Send us multiple versions, if you’ve got them. Send us anything that’s in the neighborhood of a “survey” of medieval philosophy. Bear in mind, we’re just interested in the readings that you’ve assigned. But even if you’ve just used a single textbook, send us that (along with which details about which chapters from the textbook you’ve assigned). Assuming we get enough of these to make it worthwhile, we’ll post a tally in the…

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