Announcing the 2019 Founder’s Award Winner and Honorable Mentions

Dear Members and Friends of the SMRP

The SMRP is pleased to announce the 2019 recipient of its annual Founder’s Award is Benjamin Block for his paper, “Thomas Aquinas on Knowing Essences and Substances.”  Dr. Block will present his work in an SMRP-sponsored session to be announced.

The Founder’s Award selection committee would also like to commend the following honorable mentions for this year’s award cycle:

Nicolas Faucher, “The Coherence of Prophecies and Miracles: Chatton’s View on Faith”

Joseph Stenberg, “Delectata virtuosa opera: Aquinas on graced imperfect happiness”

Milo Jon-Christopher Crimi, “Ockham’s Logical Modism and Ontological Anti-modism”

Details regarding the submission process for the 2020 award cycle will be available on the SMRP website in early 2020.


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