There are four main categories of membership in the Society: Regular, Contributing, Student, and Lifetime.

Student Membership in the Society is open to university students in Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy. Membership in the Society is subject to approval by the membership committee.

Regular and Lifetime Memberships in the Society are open to all scholars and teachers of Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy, scholars and teachers whose scholarship and/or teaching is professionally related to Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy, and those others whose achievements are judged by the membership committee to warrant regular membership. Those qualified for regular or lifetime memberships who wish to provide additional support for the activities of the Society, may become contributing members by paying a higher rate of dues.

Annual Dues: Regular membership: $11, contributing membership: $15 or more, associate membership: $5.50, student membership: $5.50, lifetime membership: $155. Use PayPal links below or send a check and the following SMRP 2021 Annual_Dues_Renewal_Form to:

Stephen Lahey
SMRP Secretary-Treasurer

Dept of Classics and Religious Studies
Pound Hall
University of Nebraska
Lincoln NE 68588-0337

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