From the Editor

Dear SMRP members,

We are pleased to announce the new editor of the SMRP Newsletter, Daniel O’Connell. Material for inclusion in our next Newsletter and queries about the Newsletter may be direct to:

Daniel P. O’Connell at proclusian AT

Also, as we begin preparing the next issue please let us know of any books, translation articles or other scholarly work related to medieval and Renaissance philosophy that you have had published in the last year. To help us here at the editor’s desk please submit your entries in the following format:

Last name, First name. Title (Publisher, date)

Last name, First name. “Title”, Journal Title vol. # (date), pp. xx-yy.

Beyond that, please remember to pay your annual dues to Prof. Jon McGinnis (which are due on April 15). You may send your check to him at the following address:

Jon McGinnis
SMRP Secretary/Treasurer
University of Missouri, St. Louis
Dept. of Philosophy
599 Lucas Hall (MC 73)
One University Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63121-4499
Email: mcginnis AT

Annual Annual Dues Schedule: regular membership: $10; contributing membership: $15 or more; associate membership: $5; student membership:$5; lifetime membership: $150. Remember that the Society depends on your support. If you don’t like to think about having to send in your payment every year, please consider our lifetime membership category.

As a reminder, previous SMRP newsletters (beginning with number 44, Spring 2002) are archived at our website:

Daniel P. O’Connell