Summary of Proposed Constitutional Amendments

Proposed for comment by SMRP membership February 27, 2019. Comment period: February 27, 2019 – March 31, 2019.

Dear Members of the Society for Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy,

The Executive Committee has been discussing a number of the provisions of our Society’s Constitution that we believe should be updated. After a long period of discussion, the current Executive Committee agrees that our best path forward with this process is to provide the membership with an opportunity to provide feedback about these proposed amendments online or by email.

The current SMRP Constitution requires that fifteen members of the Society petition the Executive Committee to consider changes to the Constitution. Ordinarily, if the Executive Committee endorses the revisions, then the membership would vote on the revisions in a general meeting. In this case, the Executive Committee will make further revisions to these proposed revisions in light of comments from members and then solicit fifteen endorsements of the revisions in order to bring the Constitution before the membership for a vote to be conducted by electronic ballot.

Members may comment publicly using comment boxes at the bottom of each of the pages linked below. Confidential comments may also be sent to the Secretary-Treasurer of the Society at Comments sent by email will remain confidential to the SMRP Executive Committee for the purposes of considering suggested revisions of this draft.


The Executive Committee of the SMRP

Go to Articles 1-2: Purpose and Membership

Go to Article 3: Executive Committee

Go to Article 4: Officers

Go to Articles 5-6: Committees


7 thoughts on “Summary of Proposed Constitutional Amendments

  1. I support these amendments – all seem very sensible – and warmly thank the officers and committee members for their diligent hard work throughout the year


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